by VanessaVaile

Confirming what anyone with an ounce of sense always suspected, another gate to keep the barbarians out out an in their place ~ even (maybe especially) NTT colleagues. Welcome to the Ivory Silo™

Sarah Kendzior

I have returned from the Registan conference on  Social Trends and Stability in Central Asia, where I spoke on a roundtable panel about human rights in Uzbekistan with Jim Bigus from the State Department, Steve Swerdlow from Human Rights Watch, and Sanjar Umarov from the Uzbek dissident group Sunshine Uzbekistan. The conference was great and hopefully Registan will be holding another one in the future. In the meantime, you can check out the Registan website for Central Asia news and analysis.

Now I’m catching up to the response to my latest article for Al Jazeera about academia, which like my first one, appears to have struck a chord with frustrated researchers around the world. This one concerns the academic paywall system, which requires non-academics to pay exorbitant fees to access scholarly materials. My own work goes for $183.00, a fee that serves to keep the public…

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