by VanessaVaile

Social Network Unionism

GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE Oct.18th & Nov.14-22nd 2012

We are calling for a  Global Education Strike. It is the first time that an education strike  is being coordinated worldwide. We will UNITE in solidarity, because no  matter where we live, we face the same struggle against national state  and profit driven interests, and their hold on education. Increasing  tuition fees, budget cuts, outsourcing, school closures, as well as  other phenomena are linked to an increasing commercialization and  privatization of education. Only by uniting globally will we be  able to overcome these and enable free emancipatory education for all.

We are all struggling against cuts in education. Most of us are drowning in student debt. The increasing pressure to perform just makes us sick  and the restrictions on education and ever-increasing tuition fees, among other barriers, make us angry!

Everyone must have access to education no matter their monetary or…

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