by VanessaVaile

What’s wrong with this picture? A gathering of adjuncts… 1,000+ but not covered by highered media. Maybe we need a “where adjuncts meet” feature. Where do you meet, get together with other adjuncts?


I wrote this last week. I didn’t have an opportunity to post it until now:

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Salt Lake City after my third day of scoring Advanced Placement U.S. Government essays. I’m here with 600 or so other “readers” as we’re called, gathered together from all over the U.S. We are high school teachers and college professors, Ivy Leagues and community colleges, adjuncts and tenure track, all on a level playing field, spending the entire week, each of us reading thousands of student responses to one of four essays. Yes, that’s right; we’re reading thousands of mostly poorly written essay responses to only one essay question all week long.

Sounds boring…and sometimes it is, but the experience is awesome. I always get something out of reading these essays that improves my course, but really the best part is that we learn so much from each…

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