by VanessaVaile

a definite YES to most points, especially about students (not just GTAs) and precarious faculty understanding casual service work and from there to understanding one another. Making common cause is long overdue. imo better to be out on the streets with them than hanging out for crumbs at conferences, whether professional, academic or even lost in the last millennium ed labor organizers.

Music for Deckchairs

I forget why exactly, but I’m on a daily email list for the US fast food industry. I’ve learned all sorts of colourful facts about change management practices and customer loyalty schemes, and it’s getting harder to avoid the conclusion that higher education institutions and quick service restaurants are marching to a similar drum. Mad Greens*, for example, is currently pitching for the same trifecta of improved service quality, compliance and productivity that informs most of the divisional workplans I’ve seen recently. Awkward, really.

The other place where we seem to be learning from the quick service trade is in seasonal hiring and firing. Here’s how they put it:

It’s no secret the employee turnover in the restaurant industry is high, and there’s a consistent need to find and hire the best talent. … Exacerbating the problem is that many restaurants frequently rely on inefficient paper-based processes to hire and…

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