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As if on cue. . .

As if business professor Peter Morici knows better than TJ… no piker as innovator and leader (showing that neither are incompatible with the classics and other humanities)

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You just knew, after University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan was forced to resign, and now that the board is considering reinstating her, someone would come along to attempt to justify the original dismissal.

As if on cue, University of Maryland business professor Peter Morici [ht: pm] assumes his appointed role.

Higher education is in crisis, and leaders like recently dismissed University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan bear a heavy burden of responsibility, simply put, for not effectively leading. . .

American universities please the immediate instincts of students and faculty — who often chose the academic life to avoid the rigors of the marketplace.

Academics who make it to the top rely heavily on consensus-building processes that offer students and faculty a strong sense of involvement but do not yield decisions that best serve the long-term interests of institutions or the communities they serve.

Sullivan was given fair…

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Since you asked

WWTJD… should have been the first question and, if answered correctly, would have stopped them in their tracks.


Dear Thomas Jefferson,

I was thinking of getting rid of the University of Virginia’s classical department. You cool with that?

Helen Dragas, Rector


Dear Helen Dragas,

You ask my opinion on the extent to which classical learning should be carried in our country. A sickly condition permits me to think, and a rheumatic hand to write too briefly on this litigated question. The utilities we derive from the remains of the Greek and Latin languages are, first, as models of pure taste in writing. To these we are certainly indebted for the national and chaste style of modern composition which so much distinguishes the nations to whom these languages ae familiar. Without these models we should probably have continued the inflated style of our northern ancestors, or the hyperbolical and vague one of the east. Second. Among the values of classical learning, I estimate the luxury of reading the…

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